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 "Declined" Arkh the warlock

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"Declined" Arkh the warlock Empty
PostSubject: "Declined" Arkh the warlock   "Declined" Arkh the warlock Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2008 6:13 pm

1. Character Name: Arkh

2. Character Class: Warlock

3. Character Level: 70

4. Character Spec: 0/21/40 shadow, experimenting with specs, can respec if needed.

5. Character Attunements/Keys: Kara / all heroics

6. Notable Resistances: none

7. Previous Guilds: BornToKill (<3), Phoenix Hawk (until Ashjol ninjaed gbank and disbanded)

8. Character Professions: Tailor, disenchanter, cook

9. Notable Profession Abilities: some vendor cooking stuff, +dmg and +agi food, some +stamina fishes as well.

10. WOW armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Deathwing&n=Arkh

11. Notable Alt Characters: none on deathwing

16. How did you hear about Blackened? My friend Zeloto joined the guild a few days ago, thought i'll give it a try too.

17. Anything else you feel that Blackened would like to know about your character?
My lock packs quite a punch in dps and i think i can squeeze even more with some talent tweaks and gear changes.

Player Name: Saulius

Player Age: 20

Tell Blackened a little about yourself:
Not much to tell, i'm a wow addict Smile Other than that i study at the university, first year.

Minor note: i'm not available on wensday evenings, only from around 21:30 server time Sad
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"Declined" Arkh the warlock
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